Saturday, April 12, 2014

POINT Blank!!!!!

Simply put, the lack of respect internationally that is being percieved by the republicans about the Obama administration can be traced to one thing and one thing only: the complete and utter lack of respect shown his presidency by the republican party. As is said ouite often on Capitol Hill, "the world is watching" and if like the, old Staples Singers song "Respect Yourself" says, "if you dont respect yourself, and nobody gonna give a hoot for you!!!" To get respect you have to give it, and the US congress hasnt given any to this president!!! So how can we expect any other world body to do the same?

Obama's legacy, his greatest legacy will be the Inspiration he provided to get thousands of Americans involved in public service!

To correct those who were debating the issue on the Lovely Melissa Harris Perry's show this morning, Minorities did a lot better under Bill Clinton than they ever had or will Under President Obama!!! you can be a white man from Arkansas and be touted as the First Black president For doing Nada!!! Love our president Obama, but damn sure did a lot better under President Clinton!!!
Here come the republicans putting on their sheeps clothing again, who do you think youre going to fool Republicans?

Has race been a factor regarding the Obama administration? Does Jen Selter have a Nice a--?

And lastly, funny how when Brother Sharpton was preparing to have a major leadership event in NYC, with the President Himself speakin, that all these "revelations" about rev Al started hitting the froNt  page of the NY newspapers!!!  Coincidence? Doubtful!!!!!

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