Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A.O.(after Obama) and B.C.(before Clinton) a Political analysis.

As we reach the near halfway point to the end of President Obama's tenure as POTUS(President of the USA), it can be said that, as the history making 1st president of Color in the US, Pre sident Obama has been a true success! Despite dealing with all that was expected for the first president of color to deal with! Barrack Obama's presidency can stand as a monument and foundation for future presidencies of color to stand upon. But now we in America must begin to focus on America A.O.(After Obama)! Be cause that America stands upon a precipice. When President Obama was swept into office, it was a on a mandate and a hope for Change, and a desire for a end to the status quo of Washington DC! A status quo that quickly re-asserted itself in the aftermath of Obama's victory, and indeed stregthened itself throught the years of President Obama's 2 terms! And now as Obama prepares to leave office, we ,in America are faced with great questions civily,socially, and economically, and no prospect for real answers! The status quo has remained the status quo, and the great change that was promised never came. For the Obama presidency was too busy defending its very existance to pursue it! So what do we do in America with President Obama leaving office with a America virtually  unchanged from when he entered same? What do we do about A America that is more about corporate service than civil service? A America in which Racism and discrimination has resurged, a America where gun violence rages unchecked, and a America where poverty has become the Norm rather than the exception? Because this is the America that stands as B.C.(Before Clinton) And it is a Burden that is looking more and more as if it will be passed to another History making 1st president, the 1st woman president Hillary Clinton! And this burden that will be passed is a major one, because the political status quo is ready to send this nation back, and set this nation back decades in social and political policy!!! THIS is America as it stands , and as it will stand A.O.(after Obama) and how it will stand B.C.(Before Clinton)! A  America that should be of great concern to people of color, to women, to youth , to families and to children! Because if the last two terms of Obama have shown anything, it is that all those consituiencies that were named,women, families ,children, people of color, the poor, they are not of interest, or of concern to the political status quo!!! The precipice that I spoke of!President Obama has been somewhat of a Bulwark against those who would send us over the edge, but we have seen those forces emboldened by his stances to the point where they would shut down the Gov. itself to gain the power they seek and crave! But Now, as President Obama prepares to leave office, it must be insured that those who pursue and seek a return to and maintenance of the status quo pay the ultimate price, and that price is to see the change and the hope for same that brought President Obama to office, realized, and that can be done by insuring that the America that stands A.O. (after Obama) is B.C.(Becomes Clinton)!!!!!!! Because change deferred is not necessarily Change denied!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Path to Victory in 2014( political points)

If the Democrats are to maintain power(such that they have) on capitol hill, and not return us to a republican Nightmare( think Ted cruz as leader,or the RYAN budget being finally implemented) then all dems who are running need to FOCUS on the republicans and their record of inaction, not defending OBAMACARE!!!!! Example: What was candidate so and so record on education? Has none but he voted 40 something odd times to repeal obamacare! Or, what was so and so candidates record on unemployment? Has none but he voted to cut unemployment benefits!! The only thing Obama care should be in this election is fodder AGAINST the republicans! The path to power for the democrats is to FOCUS on the republican record of obstruction on issues like unemployment, immigration, education, gun control and so much else(not to mention the shutting down of the Gov.!!) Put the focus on the BIG picture, not a tunnel vision focus on Obamacare! And say it LOUD!!!!! The republicans want to focus on Obama care so you(youre talking to voters here) dont focus on their record of acheiving nothing!!! Thats the path to success, I hope you follow it dems!!!

Heard Hillary speaking the other day, and I hope she understands that COMPROMISE cannot be had with the republicans! Theyre not interested, They have to be dealt with from a position of strength !!!Dont waste your time seeking converts Hil, to win in 2016 you have to CONQUER them!!! A marginalized Republican party would be the best thing for America going forward, and that is what EVERY democrat should be pursuing, because have no doubt, that is EXACTLY what the republican party wants to do to the democrats!!!

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, does the republican party really think the American people cannot see their real agenda regarding Benghazi? Apparently, they do!!!!

The Boko Haram issue is, like most of the Islamic Terror that now plagues the world, a result of the mishandling of the aftermath of 9/11/01!!! If we had focused on Afghanistan and the destruction of Al queda and Bin laden, instead of wagging the dog in Iraq, Terrorism would not be as prevelant as it is now!!! And I will go on record here stating that, if a international force was created to go into Nigeria for the sole purpose of destroying Boko Haram and killing its leader, I wouldnt have a problem with that!

Monica Lewinsky, your claim to fame is you suck D-ck, Who do you think was going to hire you?  the United Way?

Thats all for now people!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

POINT Blank!!!!!

Simply put, the lack of respect internationally that is being percieved by the republicans about the Obama administration can be traced to one thing and one thing only: the complete and utter lack of respect shown his presidency by the republican party. As is said ouite often on Capitol Hill, "the world is watching" and if like the, old Staples Singers song "Respect Yourself" says, "if you dont respect yourself, and nobody gonna give a hoot for you!!!" To get respect you have to give it, and the US congress hasnt given any to this president!!! So how can we expect any other world body to do the same?

Obama's legacy, his greatest legacy will be the Inspiration he provided to get thousands of Americans involved in public service!

To correct those who were debating the issue on the Lovely Melissa Harris Perry's show this morning, Minorities did a lot better under Bill Clinton than they ever had or will Under President Obama!!! you can be a white man from Arkansas and be touted as the First Black president For doing Nada!!! Love our president Obama, but damn sure did a lot better under President Clinton!!!
Here come the republicans putting on their sheeps clothing again, who do you think youre going to fool Republicans?

Has race been a factor regarding the Obama administration? Does Jen Selter have a Nice a--?

And lastly, funny how when Brother Sharpton was preparing to have a major leadership event in NYC, with the President Himself speakin, that all these "revelations" about rev Al started hitting the froNt  page of the NY newspapers!!!  Coincidence? Doubtful!!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Points!!!

Why do republicans like Paul Ryan keep rehashing the same failied policies over and over and over? Well at least his budget can serve one good purpose, CANNON FODDER for Democrats in 2014!!!

Simply put No troops on the ground in Ukraine!!! But it should be clear that Vladimir Putin is no friend of democracy and its high time that we in the USA begin to treat him in that vein!

I really, really, pity the fool who gets in the way of Hillarys second Presidential Bid, because WHEN she offically gets in, shes gonna be in it to win it!  It will take a Obama sized Miracle to Beat her again and we know THAT aint happening!!!

You mean to tell me that there are people who still refuse to see the forest for the racist trees when it is regards to the treatment(shall we say Abuse )of the Obama administration and the figures of color within  from calling the president himself a liar during the state of the union, to continually insutling the character of figures like Susan Rice and Atty General Holder, Race and racism has been indeed at the heart of it, and it is to our discredit that in America we still refuse to address it!!! What the Obama administration needs is a Dick Cheney F-You moment!! Maybe the president is saving it for his last days in office, would be great to see , and it would be good for America to finally put racism on the spot!!!

The only thing contemptous on capitol hill is the House of representitives continually playing politics as opposed to addressing the needs of the American people!! Millions of people homeles, long term unemployed, veterans, seniors and children in need, and all the republicans can see, all that is of priority is Benghazi, Lois Lerner, and cutting food stamps and unemployment?

and lastly, will John Boehner go down as THE worst speaker in American history, well find out in Nov.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The 2014 Democratic playbook(how to win the house and retain the Senate)

With the Loss of the Speical election in Fla. Republicans are (once again) crowing about how they are going to take the House and maybe the Senate, and ,as the pudits and such go about their usual over-analization of what went wrong, I think that its time to present to the Democrats THE substantive playbook on how to  DECISIVELY win the 2014 Mid term elections, and reclaim congress from the madness that is Republican Ultra conservatism! Simply put, the Republicans have but one goal, to avoid ,at all costs, talking about the issues and the Economy, because they have NO RECORD on them! ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP, NADA! Unemployment, immigration, women, you name it, the Republican record on it is embarassing, and they would rather not talk about it, and they dont!!! But what they do want to talk about is Obamacare, because it has proven to be, for Republicans, the diversion they need!! Think about it, where would the Republican party be RIGHT NOW, if the failed launch of OBAMACARE hadnt diverted all the attention away from the FACT that the Republicans shut down the Gov ,and put thousands of families in economic jepoardy!!!??? We wouldnt be talking aboout the republicans taking anything, we'd, RIGHT NOW, be talking about how the repubican party stays in existance after 2014! And that hasnt changed, that is still for republicans a REALITY! But as long as Democrats engage in back and forths over OBAMACARE, the republicans can avoid reality, and the political bullets it will bring them! SO ,simply put, heres the play for ALL democrats running for office in 2014! Point out to the public that, while the republicans were and are focused on OBAMACARE, thousands of people lost jobs and have been long termed unemployed! Point out that immigration reform still hasnt been pursued! Point out that the minimum wage still hasnt been raised! Point out the substantial Gun control in America hasnt been pursued, even in the aftermath of children being murdered!! Talk about the issues!!!! And talk about the fact that the republican party, ONE and ALL, have avoided them like the plague!!!! Because simply put, without Obamacare as the issue of focus and debate for the republicans, they, and their electorial hopes are toast!!! Obamacare is the LAW, that ship has sailed, so why would anyone continue to allow the republicans to focus on it?! Stop dancing to that tune Democrats, follow THIS playbook and in 2014 there will a a major Democratic victory GUARANTEED!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hard Points!!!!

Simply put, its time to face the reality that what Putin has taken By force will not be regained by anything else but force!

The "referendum" in Crimea is nothing more than the final pulling of the puppet strings By President Putin.

It is way past time for the United States Congress to unite behind this president and stop playing petty Politics in this Putin Matter!

Rep Issa, this is America, not Ukraine, and you are not Vladimir Putin! You need to apologize for the Cutting off of Rep. Cummings Microphone!

Hillary Clinton compares one dictator to another and shes wrong? Politics in America!! Im  waiting for people to start blaming HER for Putins actions! And by the way , it didnt start in Benghazi as so many politically minded republicans are saying!!! It started way back when Putin first came to power, and when the question was raised about him, a republican president told us all  that"he looked in the eyes of President Putin and found a man we could trust!" THATS when it started!!!!

Was watching a little of the CPAC conferance and they were talking about how republican policies create jobs and higher wages. In what Bizarro dimension did this happen EVER? No republican from REAGAN on has EVER not had or created a budget defict and Lost jobs in America!!!!

And lastly I want to say bravo to Liz wahl and Abby Martin of RT for showing and reminding the world what true democracy is all about!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Putin Points!!!

Now that Putin has OCCUPIED Crimea, the focus should be on making sure that's as far as he goes!

How can you expect Putin or any other world leader to respect President Obama republicans , when you have shown him so much disrespect? And how can you expect the world to unite behind the president, when you  cant yourselves?

The fact that President Obama supports and believes in DIPLOMACY first is a STRENGTH, not a weakness!!!!

If Putin wants to live outside of international law then he should suffer the consequences, Russia MUST, and should be kicked out of the G-8!

I hope that the EU is now learning from this debacle about putting all their eggs, in one energy Basket!

The only thing Russian Putin is protecting in this occupation is his own vision and interests!

The best thing Putin could do right now is pull out of Crimea!

Putin is a enemy of freedom everywhere, so freedom loving countries, leaders, and people EVERYWHERE need  to stand against him!

and lastly I hope that the Olympics were worth it people!!!!