Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hard Points!!!!

Simply put, its time to face the reality that what Putin has taken By force will not be regained by anything else but force!

The "referendum" in Crimea is nothing more than the final pulling of the puppet strings By President Putin.

It is way past time for the United States Congress to unite behind this president and stop playing petty Politics in this Putin Matter!

Rep Issa, this is America, not Ukraine, and you are not Vladimir Putin! You need to apologize for the Cutting off of Rep. Cummings Microphone!

Hillary Clinton compares one dictator to another and shes wrong? Politics in America!! Im  waiting for people to start blaming HER for Putins actions! And by the way , it didnt start in Benghazi as so many politically minded republicans are saying!!! It started way back when Putin first came to power, and when the question was raised about him, a republican president told us all  that"he looked in the eyes of President Putin and found a man we could trust!" THATS when it started!!!!

Was watching a little of the CPAC conferance and they were talking about how republican policies create jobs and higher wages. In what Bizarro dimension did this happen EVER? No republican from REAGAN on has EVER not had or created a budget defict and Lost jobs in America!!!!

And lastly I want to say bravo to Liz wahl and Abby Martin of RT for showing and reminding the world what true democracy is all about!!!!

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