Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Putin Points!!!

Now that Putin has OCCUPIED Crimea, the focus should be on making sure that's as far as he goes!

How can you expect Putin or any other world leader to respect President Obama republicans , when you have shown him so much disrespect? And how can you expect the world to unite behind the president, when you  cant yourselves?

The fact that President Obama supports and believes in DIPLOMACY first is a STRENGTH, not a weakness!!!!

If Putin wants to live outside of international law then he should suffer the consequences, Russia MUST, and should be kicked out of the G-8!

I hope that the EU is now learning from this debacle about putting all their eggs, in one energy Basket!

The only thing Russian Putin is protecting in this occupation is his own vision and interests!

The best thing Putin could do right now is pull out of Crimea!

Putin is a enemy of freedom everywhere, so freedom loving countries, leaders, and people EVERYWHERE need  to stand against him!

and lastly I hope that the Olympics were worth it people!!!!

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