Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A.O.(after Obama) and B.C.(before Clinton) a Political analysis.

As we reach the near halfway point to the end of President Obama's tenure as POTUS(President of the USA), it can be said that, as the history making 1st president of Color in the US, Pre sident Obama has been a true success! Despite dealing with all that was expected for the first president of color to deal with! Barrack Obama's presidency can stand as a monument and foundation for future presidencies of color to stand upon. But now we in America must begin to focus on America A.O.(After Obama)! Be cause that America stands upon a precipice. When President Obama was swept into office, it was a on a mandate and a hope for Change, and a desire for a end to the status quo of Washington DC! A status quo that quickly re-asserted itself in the aftermath of Obama's victory, and indeed stregthened itself throught the years of President Obama's 2 terms! And now as Obama prepares to leave office, we ,in America are faced with great questions civily,socially, and economically, and no prospect for real answers! The status quo has remained the status quo, and the great change that was promised never came. For the Obama presidency was too busy defending its very existance to pursue it! So what do we do in America with President Obama leaving office with a America virtually  unchanged from when he entered same? What do we do about A America that is more about corporate service than civil service? A America in which Racism and discrimination has resurged, a America where gun violence rages unchecked, and a America where poverty has become the Norm rather than the exception? Because this is the America that stands as B.C.(Before Clinton) And it is a Burden that is looking more and more as if it will be passed to another History making 1st president, the 1st woman president Hillary Clinton! And this burden that will be passed is a major one, because the political status quo is ready to send this nation back, and set this nation back decades in social and political policy!!! THIS is America as it stands , and as it will stand A.O.(after Obama) and how it will stand B.C.(Before Clinton)! A  America that should be of great concern to people of color, to women, to youth , to families and to children! Because if the last two terms of Obama have shown anything, it is that all those consituiencies that were named,women, families ,children, people of color, the poor, they are not of interest, or of concern to the political status quo!!! The precipice that I spoke of!President Obama has been somewhat of a Bulwark against those who would send us over the edge, but we have seen those forces emboldened by his stances to the point where they would shut down the Gov. itself to gain the power they seek and crave! But Now, as President Obama prepares to leave office, it must be insured that those who pursue and seek a return to and maintenance of the status quo pay the ultimate price, and that price is to see the change and the hope for same that brought President Obama to office, realized, and that can be done by insuring that the America that stands A.O. (after Obama) is B.C.(Becomes Clinton)!!!!!!! Because change deferred is not necessarily Change denied!!!!!!

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