Saturday, February 8, 2014

Immigration points!

Heaven forbid that John Boehner would actually have to be a leader and work to get his party to at least address the immigration issue! Nothing gets to the floor for the simple fact that John Boehner doesnt want his inability to lead the house republicans on full and public display!!!!

Rand Paul, enough all ready with Lewinsky redux! A consenting sexual relationship between two adults pales in comparison to things like "legitimate rape" and forced ultrasounds! not to mention "uncontrollable libidos and of course "Uncle Sugar'!!!!

The Debt Ceiling. Tick- Tock republicans!

AS far as Obama's executive orders go, ACTIONS indeed speak louder than simply words or oratory!!!

Vice president Biden can run for President, but why he would throw himself out in front of a coming steamroller named Clinton I would never know!

The farm Bill is proof that the innmates have too long run the asylum on capitol hill!

and lastly with Gun violence trials dominating the media, we can only still wonder, wheres the congressional action or debate on the issue?

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