Monday, February 10, 2014

Political Points!!!

Did anyone actually READ the CBO report on OBAMACARE? As it read it says that people will STOP working! It says nothing about Obamacare creating job loss!!!! It is this continous playing fast and loose with the facts for political gain that is dividing and underming the country and the growth of same!!!

As to those people who are projected to stop working due to Obamacare, it is a testimony to why health care reform is needed in America! Because when people actually have to be part of a corporate plan in order to have affordable health care clearly there is a problem!!!!

A Janet Yellin Surprise tomorrow? Yep you heard it here first!!!

I still cannot believe that here in 2014 we are talking about the political muckraking of 1998!!! Some platform you have there Rand Paul!!!

Say what you will But Sen. Charles Schumer is allways there for the People!!!

And speaking of that, the next time they talk about smaller gov. you think about the food issues in China, and then thank your lucky stars that In America  we have Gov agencies who see to it that  we dont get poisoned by bad beef or pork or chicken!!!

Dont care what people say, the winter Olympics are BORING!!!!

And lastly Joe Biden was right regarding the state of our infrastructure IE: Laguardia Airport! whats it going to take? A tower to fall, or a sinkhole to open on the runway before we acknowledge REALITY?

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