Thursday, February 13, 2014

Economic Points

Chris Christie made a statement the other day regarding income inequality and how the american people want "Income OPPORTUNITY" Well to that i say yes Gov you are correct, but it it is the policy of Income inequality , things like low wages, the offshoring of jobs, union busting, the loss of benefits, the outright cutting of jobs and other such tools that created this HUGe income inequality situation that is denying Americans the "Income Opportunity" that you speak of!!

Sarah Palin criticizing Chris Christie? If she had stayed Gov. she would be in the smae situation Gov. Christie is in right now!!!!

The showdown in 2014 isnt the Dems versus the republicans, but the republican establishment Led By Speaker Boehner and Mitch Mcconnell Versus the Tea party caucus Led By Ted Cruz! its Frankenstein Capitol hill style!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Political Points!!!

Did anyone actually READ the CBO report on OBAMACARE? As it read it says that people will STOP working! It says nothing about Obamacare creating job loss!!!! It is this continous playing fast and loose with the facts for political gain that is dividing and underming the country and the growth of same!!!

As to those people who are projected to stop working due to Obamacare, it is a testimony to why health care reform is needed in America! Because when people actually have to be part of a corporate plan in order to have affordable health care clearly there is a problem!!!!

A Janet Yellin Surprise tomorrow? Yep you heard it here first!!!

I still cannot believe that here in 2014 we are talking about the political muckraking of 1998!!! Some platform you have there Rand Paul!!!

Say what you will But Sen. Charles Schumer is allways there for the People!!!

And speaking of that, the next time they talk about smaller gov. you think about the food issues in China, and then thank your lucky stars that In America  we have Gov agencies who see to it that  we dont get poisoned by bad beef or pork or chicken!!!

Dont care what people say, the winter Olympics are BORING!!!!

And lastly Joe Biden was right regarding the state of our infrastructure IE: Laguardia Airport! whats it going to take? A tower to fall, or a sinkhole to open on the runway before we acknowledge REALITY?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Immigration points!

Heaven forbid that John Boehner would actually have to be a leader and work to get his party to at least address the immigration issue! Nothing gets to the floor for the simple fact that John Boehner doesnt want his inability to lead the house republicans on full and public display!!!!

Rand Paul, enough all ready with Lewinsky redux! A consenting sexual relationship between two adults pales in comparison to things like "legitimate rape" and forced ultrasounds! not to mention "uncontrollable libidos and of course "Uncle Sugar'!!!!

The Debt Ceiling. Tick- Tock republicans!

AS far as Obama's executive orders go, ACTIONS indeed speak louder than simply words or oratory!!!

Vice president Biden can run for President, but why he would throw himself out in front of a coming steamroller named Clinton I would never know!

The farm Bill is proof that the innmates have too long run the asylum on capitol hill!

and lastly with Gun violence trials dominating the media, we can only still wonder, wheres the congressional action or debate on the issue?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 Points!

Simply put The democrats need to stop playing to survive and stop allowing the media to create a narrative(once again) that they are simply playing to survive in 2014! The democrats, particulalry since ALL THE MARBLES are on ther table in 2014, need to play to WIN, not survive, and they need to make sure that the narrative is that they are playing to win!

Could Have sworn that we just went thru this same story in 2012, and the Democrats won then!!!! So why is it continually being perceived and played out in the media like the Democrats who control two thirds of the Gov. are in the Minority?

Is Obamacare a Job killer? Too soon to tell, but is the POLITICS that surround Obamacare a job killer? Most definately YES!

If there is to be a fight over the Debt ceiling, who do you think will win? Can you say Gov. Shutdown? I only can hope( as a DEMOCRAT) That the republicans do everything in their power to remind americans about it!!!

When can you say what you mean clearly, and not mean what you say? When youre a prospective Presidental candidate or president on Fox news!!!! Hashtag STIRRING  THE POT!!!!

Pity the poor rich! The one percent truly believe that they are being percecuted akin to the Jewish holocaust! Can you say, out of touch with REALITY!!!!?

And lastly Stand your ground clearly has no legal ground for existance except for in a fearful white mind!" if you beleive a person is armed"???? Seriously America?