Thursday, December 12, 2013

2014 THE Point!!

With Speaker Boehner almost coming forward and telling the TEA Party caucus to shut up yesterday regarding the Budget deal, it should be apparent to EVERYONE how important 2014 is on Capitol Hill. And while the republicans will try to be on their best behavior, it is clear that ,more than likely the TEA PARTY caucus, will be the ones to upset the apple cart, and the republican dream of taking over congress!!! Simply put ,there is a old saying about the serpent and the fisherman, you know the one about how the serpent wanted to cross the river and the fisherman gave him a ride in his boat but when the crossed the river the snake bit the fisherman and killed him, and as the fisherman lay dying he asked why and the snake told him, in effect Im a snake, this is what I do! And as the republicans prepare to embark on what is perhas their most important political camapign in recent history, they have to rely basically upon a snake, which the Tea party is, going against its nature!!! Good luck with that Republicans. While the repubican party may not want to face it, the POINT of 2014 will not be a showdown for congress between the Democrats and the republicans, but a showdown for the Republican congress between the Mainstream republicans and the TEA party wing!!!! Because there is no way that the republican party will win any political war when they are forced to fight on two fronts!!! 2014 is indeed the Point of contention, and all signs point to the republicans impaling themselves right on that very point!

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