Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Night Points!!

Lets us hope that the Path that Mandela took in South Africa is the same one China follows in resolving this Asia- Pacific mess: RECONCILIATION!!!!

The most unproductive Congress in America History: THAT'S your claim to fame House republicans?!!!!!

Though they are Loathe to admit it, Obama has done a good job of cleaning up the mess republicans left him! Banks saved, Auto industry rescued, wall street rejuvenated, Job loss regained, imagine what he could have done with a co-operative congress, instead of a political

Glad to see that the President took a stand, the RIGHT stand, on the Minimum wage issue! It must be understood by even the greediest of corporate interests that those who profit the most from a system have the greatest duty to maintain it!!!! And this wonderful American system we have cannot be maintained, if the payscale for all the people doenst keep up with the daily cost of living!!!

Now that we have Lost Mandela, all we have left is au sang suu kyi !!!!

South park made a very pointed statement about black friday in America the other night(Sloppy weiners aside!)

And lastly the honor that will be paid Mandela at his Funeral service is indeed a bill that has come due! Intelligence over ignorance and good over evil!! A true example of how the world can change when one person, man or woman, is motivated to make a differance!!!! Farewell
and godspeed Mr. Mandela!!!

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