Friday, December 27, 2013

Points of Interest!!!

 as 2014 ends lets talk about a few Points of political interest:

Has this Congress earned the moniker: "do nothing"? YES!!! For the last 5 years, priority no. 1 has been POLITICS, not the people!!! And while they are Loathe to admit it, the only person who advanced any legislation or initiative geared towards addressing and solving the issues of the American people has been, yes, PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! And with 2014 about to arrive, the best thing that can happen to America in 2014, is if the Gavel of the House of Representitives is returned to Democratic hands!!! Because if Congress had remained in democratic hands, things like Gov Shutdowns, Debt ceilings, fiscal cliffs, and such would have NEVER taken place, or had effect! Not to mention the unconcionable actions of cutting food aid to americans who need it, or unemployment support to americans  who deserve it!

As the Duck Dynasty Issue continues to fester, it is appalling that republican conservatives are out there fighting for BIGOTRY and RACISM, instead of decrying such statements!!!! And you have to wonder, IF Sarah Palin fought as hard to maintain her Governorship as she is doing for BIGOTRY and RACISM , who knows she may have been able to make a REAL run at the presidency in 2012!!!!

Edward Snowdon is no Hero, he is but another in a long line of recent individuals who wanted to cash in on social media fame! I hope both he and Julian Assange enjoy the fruits of their labors!! Noone likes a squealer!!!! AS for the NSA issue itself, this is a debate that should have been had two presidential terms ago!!! That said the only people who are truly worried about thei privacy being invaded are those who truly have something to hide!!!!!! Privacy? seriously, in the era of Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat? Give me a break!!!

And lastly on the speculation on 2016: Simply put, while Hillary is the odds on fav, it will be interesting to see who is emboldened by the inevitable anti- Clinton sentiment that will emerge on the political trail in 2016 among the dems to break ranks and run against her, or worse run from her ALA al Gore in 2000 running himself right out of the white house by running away from the Clinton legacy! As for Chris Christie I personally am so looking forward to Chris Christie Vs, Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz or any of the TEA party morons, what a spectacle of Christieism that will be!!!!!!

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