Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fighting points!

Now that the public debate has been retaken by the Obama administration regarding Obamacare, I wonder how fast the bluster of the last few weeks of retaking the Senate by the Republicans will die down!

Speaking of which, why is it of such concern that Chris Christie is refusing to be a RABID  TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVE!  He may be their only avenue back from the brink! If it aint broke republicans!

Why do we keep putting up with North Koreas BS? End travel to North Korea, freeze their funds and embargo their imports and exports! Enough is enough!!

We can bail out banks ,failing industries, and wall street, but we cant bail out a american city?

Why do republicans believe cutting food stamps will somehow change the economic fortunes of America? Ask Marie Antoinette how letting the poor starve worked for her!

Sorry republicans, but there is a big differance between a racist backlash, which the republican resurgence of 2010 was, and the will of the people, which the two time election of President Obama is!

And lastly, calling the president a liar is incredibly  disrespectful of the office dont you think Republicans and such who appear on Fox News?!!! It is is incredibly hypocritical considering the prior REPUBLICAN administration actually did lie to the american people, and cost how many  thousands of lives, and didnt experiecne the level of bile from you that the current administration does!!! Show some respect!!!

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