Thursday, December 5, 2013

A shining Point of Light, Nelson Mandela!

There is a saying, what profits a man who gains the world but loses his soul? But what of the reverse? That can truly be exemplified in the life of Nelson Mandela, MANDIBA! A man who, by standing up, speaking out and championing the cause of his south african countrymen, even at the cost of his freedom for the majority of his life, maintained the quality of his soul and gained the world, and the honors of same! Nelson Mandela maintained a character and a positive persona of leadership that all leaders in this world would do well to learn from! He ,like Dr. King before him, took a nation that was halved, divided between black and white and made it whole! But unlike Dr king, Nelson Mandela lived to make it to his promised land!He(Mandela) lived to see little black south african boys playing with little white south african girls! Nelson Mandela was indeed, as former President GHW Bush once stated, a "Shining Point Of Light"in this world, a light that shined the world over!! A light that shined brightly in the greatest of darkness! So while our world is a lot dimmer this evening, you can be sure that Heaven has begun to shine a lot brighter!!!! Because Nelson Mandela has finally arrived! And he leaves the world in a lot better place than it was when he entered it!!!

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