Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cutting points!!!

Now that the Obamacare website bugs have been worked out, the question now is: What will the republicans do once the media frenzy dies down?

Vice President Biden is walking into a asian hornets nest with this refighting of the asia pacific conflict that is currently being pursed in Asia. Let us hope that Calmer heads can prevail!  Who'd have thunk it,Joe Biden as the voice of REASON????!!!!

When will the republicans learn that for all of their tabloid politicking, for all of their divisive politics, the no. 1 issue for americans isnt the race, or the sex, or the guns, it still is THE ECONOMY!!!! And once the public's attention is brought to the fact that the republicans are still the greatest obstacle to economic growth and success in America, 2014 will not be looking too good for them(the republicans)

Julian Assange, Lara Logan, anybody else want a piece of Hillary Clinton?

The next political dictator will be president Karzi of Afghganistan! he is currently laying the ground  work for his power grab even as we speak. I give it one year before he makes his move against the soon to be elected president in Afghanistan.

And lastly, isnt it  funny how silent the tea part patriots and conservatives were on the issue of shopping on thanksgiving! You'd think that be a issue they'd be leading on! Of course though they dont want to bite the crporate hand that feeds them!!!!

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