Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2014 Points!!!

This budget" Deal" is simply the republicans trying to avoid the very public debacle that their policies and outrageous stands of the last few years have brought them to!!! Too little Bi-partisanship too late republicans!!!!

And despite the Budget deal, the long term unemployed, the poor and Farmers among many others still got GRINCHED by the republicans in this budget! So who got all the X-mas goodies you ask? Why the PENTAGON of course!!!!

It is dangerous for us to continue to take for granted what the Chinese take seriously!!!

Kudos to John Mccain for standing with the Ukrainian People against Putins attempt to reform the Soviet Union!! Ukraine wants to move forward and Putin clearly wants to take everyone back!!!

Kills me how everyone is so outraged by the NSA issue NOW!!! When Bush was in command all thse voices of outrage were completely silent!!!  And Edward Snowdon is NO Hero point blank!!

The debate and discussion about race in America needs to be at a higher and more serious level than the discussion of Santa being Black!

And lastly, with the rumblings about getting "concessions" in return for raising the Debt ceiling, it will soon become apparent ONCE AGAIN to the American people in 2014, that in the republican party, the inmates are running the asylum!!!!

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