Thursday, January 2, 2014

Inequity points

With schools, employment,social services and the rest failing, and with Banks and Wall St. having unprescedented success, dont you think that there is a problem with the system?

With Unemployment continuing to hover around 7%, dont you think that we need to roll back the myriad of tax credits and tax breaks that were given the"Job Creators" Back during the Bush administration? Or does that not count as "Gov Waste"?

And Speaking of Unemployment, can anyone name a employment program created by this congress to address the near emergency situation that has remained in America regarding Unemployment under its( Congress) watch?

Also, rolling back those tax breaks and such from the failed Job creators can serve to Fund the Unemployment extenstion that congress is going to fight tooth and nail about next week!

 And lastly when you have CEO's and buisnessmen who are worth more than the GDP of small countries, or who are more solvent than states or cities ,then your system clearly has a problem!

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