Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christies Whitewater moment!

It was a low point in American political history, when a political witch hunt and investigation was egged on by those with political interest(republicans) against the Clintons over their supposed inappropiate involvement with the "Whitewater" land deal!  It was a investigation that lasted for years and streched and morphed into all phases of the Clintons lives! To make a long story short, we how that turned out! Millions of dollars and a impeachment not over the original issue, but because there was a attempt to lkeep a illicit sexual tryst private!!! Now Gov Chris Christie is facing his own "Whitewater" moment! And as the media and political feeding frenzy mounts, and as the Gov finds himself in a unwanted spotlight at the most inopportune time, he can take heart, I would think ,from the lessons of the past and of Whitewater!  Because as the saying goes, those who do mot learn from the mistakes of the past!!!

Speaking of the Clintons As Hillary prepares , to the medias glee, to declare her political intentions, in 2016 , I can onyl wonder how long will the republicans continue to chew on the political cud that is Benghazi? There has been a congressional review and hearing over the issue, indeed Mrs Clinton herself came before Congress over the issue, so the only question that remains is when will the republicans let it go? How many years and counting?

And lastly, you have to marvel at the absolute hypocracy of the republican party as it pertains to this Christie matter, but their hypocracy aside, its even more amsuing to watch thm try to someohow link the issue to President Obama!!! Hilarious and sad at the same time!!!

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