Friday, January 17, 2014

MLK Day, Buisness as usual??????

AS all honor and praise that is due is about to be given this monday to the Man who changed America, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. a man who fought and died to make America live up to the potential and ideals that it was formed, We all need to focus on and reflect upon how, for far too many in America, MLK day is simply another day to conduct Buisness as usual! Do you know how many Buisnesses remain open on MLK day? Hell, even the State of Arizona still refuses to accept or honor this federal holiday!!! For far too many, MLK day and what it truly represents, what it truly memorializes, the worst of American history and a man and his peoples struggle against same, has become not that serious, a simple footnote, something that is endured yearly, and worst of all, simply a day off!!! As we prepare to honor and memorialize Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle he lead in America against the evils of same,America ,all america needs to understand that this is not buisness as usual, and it should in no way be treated or regarded as buisness as usual or simply another day off! Because that diminishes all that DR King stood for, and all that he fought for, and most importantly, all that he died for!!!! When we take the time to honor and memorialize DR.Martin Luther King, it is to remind this nation of from whence we came, and that is to better insure that we get to where we need to go, that "promised land" that DR King spoke of so elequently. But when we reduce his day, in significance and in action, to simply Buisness as usual and another day off, we dishornor the man, and the cause, and the struggle! And we show those who have and still stand against all that Dr King stood for, that we have relaxed in our vigilance and resolve. DR MLK day, for me, will NEVER be Buisness as usual or just simply another day off, and it should never for be for you My fellow americans!!!!

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