Friday, January 24, 2014

State of the Union Points!!!

AS president Obama prepares to give his 6th State of the Union address I for one am hopeing that the theme and premise of this years speech is "WE CAN DO MORE" bvecuase it is unconcionable in America that for the last 5 years while America has been in recession, and unemployment crisis the only focus on capitol hill has been on politics as usual!!!!!! President Obama came into office on a platform of change but sadly ,for Most americans, nothing has! They are still poor , still looking for work or underemployed, still relying on whatever assistance a increasingly unwilling Congress provides an of course all the while wall street , the banks and the one percent continue to thrive at unprecendented levels! Simply put, the state of the Union is one of Shame, because it is shameful that while wall street and corporate america are enjoying the most profittable of times, the rest of America, families with children, are homeless, and in the food stamp program! It's shameful that while nations like China and India are booming, Americans are long term unemployed!!!  The State of the Union is a opportunity for President Obama to make the statement that in America WE CAN DO MORE, because simply put we need to!!! And I hope that Next week the president , when he addresses the nation, states that very thing!!!

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