Friday, January 31, 2014

Post State of the Union points!

The president had a good State of the Union speech, anda good follow up week after it, and he deserves kudos for ignorning the nonsense and baiting of those in congress who decided to invite the Duck Dynatsy Cast members to the State of the Union Speech! One word: Classless!

If Syria doesnt keep to their word, then Obama should keep to his! Nothing conveys seriousness to tyrants likeBashir Al Assad like a few missles on the doorstep!!

Edward Snowdon a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, way to keep building creditabilty there Nobel Committee!!!( and yes Im being sarcastic)

Glad to see the issue of Joblessness becoming Finally of priority in America, and glad to hear the President talk about it like it is! DISCRIMINATION and the "screening out" of individuals has ,once again, contributed heavily to the high levels of unemployment, particularly among people of color, and that is something that the "job creators' need to be held to account for!!!

Simply put ,2014 is for the Democrats to lose! Its amazing to hear how they need to be on the defense! Havent you heard Dems, the best defense is a good offense!!! And with the republicans being the party of no on EVERYTHING over the past 5 years, to the level of shutting down the entire Government, how could you not take the fight to them?!!! If the Democrats fail to reclaim control of Capitol hill, it will because they simply didnt try hard enough!!!! because the door is wide open for them!!!

It is looking like Chris Christie may be Toast, and so are the republicans hopes for 2014!

And while the Republicans try, with smoke and mirrors to undermine the prospect of a Clinton bId in 2016, the sad fact is for them that the Former st lady, former Senator, and former Sec of State simply may have built too good of a record of SERVICE for them to stand against!!!

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