Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hillary and 2016.Destiny deferred?

Time ,in recognition of the Juggernaut like status of Hillary Clinton on the political landscape, has, with its latest cover story, posed what has been a continual question on the minds of political pundits, experts, and voters. Can Hillary be elected president in 2016? Well , looking at the FACTS, I can say that ,for Hillary Clinton, her ascendance to the the presidency has been merely deferred, but definately not denied! For she has , by her own personal aplomb   and status ,elevated herself to the level we now find her. She took the role of   First Lady and elevated it to levels unseen since Eleanor  Roosevelt, and she nearly ,single handedly, elevated the profile of women in elected service in America with her stellar representation of the State of NY as a Junior senator from same! And had it not been for Barrack Obama catching lightning in a bottle  with his own historic Presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton would have no doubt made history, and realized the destiny that continues to beckon her, the presidency of the United States! But anyone who thinks or believes that Hillary is fluttering in the winds of destiny like a candle or a reed, is sadly underestimating the woman!This is a woman who has stared destiny directly in the eye, and who has not flinched or blinked!  This is a woman, who from the day she arrived in washingston, has not been afraid to do more and be more! Hillary Clinton has proven in word, deed, and action that she can be president of the United States. Hillary Clinton has become a figure of destiny, a destiny that she is no doubt ready for, and a destiny that in 2016, will more than likely be realized! For Hillary, 2016 is merely the end to a destiny deferred, and to answer the question posed by Time Magazine, who can stand in the way of Destiny?

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