Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unemployed Points!!!

The middle east is a quagmire and it is in the USA's best interest to STOP wading into it!!!!!

and Jay Carney is right, let John Mccain and the rest come to the American people, to all those who lost family, life and limb in Iraq and explain how its in their best interest to send their children back there! Stand down soldier, stand down!!

When will the House republicans stop playing politics with the fortunes of the american people? Lets take care of the present in America , before we start grandstanding about the future shall we! Pass the Unemployment Benefits extension. And to those Like Speaker Boehner who want to wrangle and bargin ON CAPITOL HILL about it, why dont you come before the people, in front of the millions of unemployed and underemployed and explain to them about the defict of the future and how that is more important than their(the current unemployed and underemployed) now!! Have one capitol hill hearing Speaker Boehner I double dog dare you!!!

When Dennis Rodman is even considered for, or worse, considers himself for  serious diplomatic efforts, then Houston ,we have a problem!!!

And lastly Rand Paul, its a new age, a age of technology and social media revolutions, your simple 1950 sensibilties dont apply!!!The genie was let out of the bottle by your fellow republicans after their failure to protect America from suffering 9/11/01, And not even your pathetic political ambitions can put it back now!!! Its a new world, LEARN TO LIVE IN IT!!!

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