Friday, January 10, 2014

Arrogant Points!!!

The faux outrage over the conduct by the understaff of  Gov Chris Christie being exhibited in the media in other places is why this problem continues to fester in America! The ABUSE of POWER and POSITION!!! And when it comes to that, sadly many people who should be in the loop are usually kept out of it!!! How many innocent men have died, or been incarcerated due to such conduct? Lost their jobs? Been discriminated against? The abuse of power and position is a cancer in this nation and when more individuals are summarily  FIRED for doing so, this culture will end! That said Its not what Christie didnt know, its what he did know and when it knew it! THAT is the question!!!!

People keep talking about the lukewarm job numbers and such, but the question remains when is Washington DC going to do something about it? Because while the 5 year and counting political war on all things Obama has been waged on Capitol Hill, NOTHING has been done or offered to stimulate Jobs and job growth in America!!!!

With all the focus on Universal pre K in NY gaining steam, you'd have to wonder why, with America lagging behind far too many nations when it comes to education, Washington Dc is talking up NATIONAL Pre K!!!???

As far as Iraq goes and other nations in the middle east, and their Issues, John Mccain and other Old school conservatives need to ask themselves a question: Are we the United States of America, or the United States of  THE WORLD?????!!!! is it in our national interest to be EVERYWHERE?????

And lastly as the republicans keep hoping that somehow Obamacare will bring them to the promised land of political majority Id like to present you with a few doses of Hard reality: President Cruz, President Rubio, President Paul, President Ryan, or President BUSH III
see the pickle you guys are in?

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