Friday, December 27, 2013

Points of Interest!!!

 as 2014 ends lets talk about a few Points of political interest:

Has this Congress earned the moniker: "do nothing"? YES!!! For the last 5 years, priority no. 1 has been POLITICS, not the people!!! And while they are Loathe to admit it, the only person who advanced any legislation or initiative geared towards addressing and solving the issues of the American people has been, yes, PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! And with 2014 about to arrive, the best thing that can happen to America in 2014, is if the Gavel of the House of Representitives is returned to Democratic hands!!! Because if Congress had remained in democratic hands, things like Gov Shutdowns, Debt ceilings, fiscal cliffs, and such would have NEVER taken place, or had effect! Not to mention the unconcionable actions of cutting food aid to americans who need it, or unemployment support to americans  who deserve it!

As the Duck Dynasty Issue continues to fester, it is appalling that republican conservatives are out there fighting for BIGOTRY and RACISM, instead of decrying such statements!!!! And you have to wonder, IF Sarah Palin fought as hard to maintain her Governorship as she is doing for BIGOTRY and RACISM , who knows she may have been able to make a REAL run at the presidency in 2012!!!!

Edward Snowdon is no Hero, he is but another in a long line of recent individuals who wanted to cash in on social media fame! I hope both he and Julian Assange enjoy the fruits of their labors!! Noone likes a squealer!!!! AS for the NSA issue itself, this is a debate that should have been had two presidential terms ago!!! That said the only people who are truly worried about thei privacy being invaded are those who truly have something to hide!!!!!! Privacy? seriously, in the era of Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat? Give me a break!!!

And lastly on the speculation on 2016: Simply put, while Hillary is the odds on fav, it will be interesting to see who is emboldened by the inevitable anti- Clinton sentiment that will emerge on the political trail in 2016 among the dems to break ranks and run against her, or worse run from her ALA al Gore in 2000 running himself right out of the white house by running away from the Clinton legacy! As for Chris Christie I personally am so looking forward to Chris Christie Vs, Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz or any of the TEA party morons, what a spectacle of Christieism that will be!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2014 Points!!!

This budget" Deal" is simply the republicans trying to avoid the very public debacle that their policies and outrageous stands of the last few years have brought them to!!! Too little Bi-partisanship too late republicans!!!!

And despite the Budget deal, the long term unemployed, the poor and Farmers among many others still got GRINCHED by the republicans in this budget! So who got all the X-mas goodies you ask? Why the PENTAGON of course!!!!

It is dangerous for us to continue to take for granted what the Chinese take seriously!!!

Kudos to John Mccain for standing with the Ukrainian People against Putins attempt to reform the Soviet Union!! Ukraine wants to move forward and Putin clearly wants to take everyone back!!!

Kills me how everyone is so outraged by the NSA issue NOW!!! When Bush was in command all thse voices of outrage were completely silent!!!  And Edward Snowdon is NO Hero point blank!!

The debate and discussion about race in America needs to be at a higher and more serious level than the discussion of Santa being Black!

And lastly, with the rumblings about getting "concessions" in return for raising the Debt ceiling, it will soon become apparent ONCE AGAIN to the American people in 2014, that in the republican party, the inmates are running the asylum!!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2014 THE Point!!

With Speaker Boehner almost coming forward and telling the TEA Party caucus to shut up yesterday regarding the Budget deal, it should be apparent to EVERYONE how important 2014 is on Capitol Hill. And while the republicans will try to be on their best behavior, it is clear that ,more than likely the TEA PARTY caucus, will be the ones to upset the apple cart, and the republican dream of taking over congress!!! Simply put ,there is a old saying about the serpent and the fisherman, you know the one about how the serpent wanted to cross the river and the fisherman gave him a ride in his boat but when the crossed the river the snake bit the fisherman and killed him, and as the fisherman lay dying he asked why and the snake told him, in effect Im a snake, this is what I do! And as the republicans prepare to embark on what is perhas their most important political camapign in recent history, they have to rely basically upon a snake, which the Tea party is, going against its nature!!! Good luck with that Republicans. While the repubican party may not want to face it, the POINT of 2014 will not be a showdown for congress between the Democrats and the republicans, but a showdown for the Republican congress between the Mainstream republicans and the TEA party wing!!!! Because there is no way that the republican party will win any political war when they are forced to fight on two fronts!!! 2014 is indeed the Point of contention, and all signs point to the republicans impaling themselves right on that very point!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Night Points!!

Lets us hope that the Path that Mandela took in South Africa is the same one China follows in resolving this Asia- Pacific mess: RECONCILIATION!!!!

The most unproductive Congress in America History: THAT'S your claim to fame House republicans?!!!!!

Though they are Loathe to admit it, Obama has done a good job of cleaning up the mess republicans left him! Banks saved, Auto industry rescued, wall street rejuvenated, Job loss regained, imagine what he could have done with a co-operative congress, instead of a political

Glad to see that the President took a stand, the RIGHT stand, on the Minimum wage issue! It must be understood by even the greediest of corporate interests that those who profit the most from a system have the greatest duty to maintain it!!!! And this wonderful American system we have cannot be maintained, if the payscale for all the people doenst keep up with the daily cost of living!!!

Now that we have Lost Mandela, all we have left is au sang suu kyi !!!!

South park made a very pointed statement about black friday in America the other night(Sloppy weiners aside!)

And lastly the honor that will be paid Mandela at his Funeral service is indeed a bill that has come due! Intelligence over ignorance and good over evil!! A true example of how the world can change when one person, man or woman, is motivated to make a differance!!!! Farewell
and godspeed Mr. Mandela!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A shining Point of Light, Nelson Mandela!

There is a saying, what profits a man who gains the world but loses his soul? But what of the reverse? That can truly be exemplified in the life of Nelson Mandela, MANDIBA! A man who, by standing up, speaking out and championing the cause of his south african countrymen, even at the cost of his freedom for the majority of his life, maintained the quality of his soul and gained the world, and the honors of same! Nelson Mandela maintained a character and a positive persona of leadership that all leaders in this world would do well to learn from! He ,like Dr. King before him, took a nation that was halved, divided between black and white and made it whole! But unlike Dr king, Nelson Mandela lived to make it to his promised land!He(Mandela) lived to see little black south african boys playing with little white south african girls! Nelson Mandela was indeed, as former President GHW Bush once stated, a "Shining Point Of Light"in this world, a light that shined the world over!! A light that shined brightly in the greatest of darkness! So while our world is a lot dimmer this evening, you can be sure that Heaven has begun to shine a lot brighter!!!! Because Nelson Mandela has finally arrived! And he leaves the world in a lot better place than it was when he entered it!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fighting points!

Now that the public debate has been retaken by the Obama administration regarding Obamacare, I wonder how fast the bluster of the last few weeks of retaking the Senate by the Republicans will die down!

Speaking of which, why is it of such concern that Chris Christie is refusing to be a RABID  TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVE!  He may be their only avenue back from the brink! If it aint broke republicans!

Why do we keep putting up with North Koreas BS? End travel to North Korea, freeze their funds and embargo their imports and exports! Enough is enough!!

We can bail out banks ,failing industries, and wall street, but we cant bail out a american city?

Why do republicans believe cutting food stamps will somehow change the economic fortunes of America? Ask Marie Antoinette how letting the poor starve worked for her!

Sorry republicans, but there is a big differance between a racist backlash, which the republican resurgence of 2010 was, and the will of the people, which the two time election of President Obama is!

And lastly, calling the president a liar is incredibly  disrespectful of the office dont you think Republicans and such who appear on Fox News?!!! It is is incredibly hypocritical considering the prior REPUBLICAN administration actually did lie to the american people, and cost how many  thousands of lives, and didnt experiecne the level of bile from you that the current administration does!!! Show some respect!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cutting points!!!

Now that the Obamacare website bugs have been worked out, the question now is: What will the republicans do once the media frenzy dies down?

Vice President Biden is walking into a asian hornets nest with this refighting of the asia pacific conflict that is currently being pursed in Asia. Let us hope that Calmer heads can prevail!  Who'd have thunk it,Joe Biden as the voice of REASON????!!!!

When will the republicans learn that for all of their tabloid politicking, for all of their divisive politics, the no. 1 issue for americans isnt the race, or the sex, or the guns, it still is THE ECONOMY!!!! And once the public's attention is brought to the fact that the republicans are still the greatest obstacle to economic growth and success in America, 2014 will not be looking too good for them(the republicans)

Julian Assange, Lara Logan, anybody else want a piece of Hillary Clinton?

The next political dictator will be president Karzi of Afghganistan! he is currently laying the ground  work for his power grab even as we speak. I give it one year before he makes his move against the soon to be elected president in Afghanistan.

And lastly, isnt it  funny how silent the tea part patriots and conservatives were on the issue of shopping on thanksgiving! You'd think that be a issue they'd be leading on! Of course though they dont want to bite the crporate hand that feeds them!!!!