Friday, January 31, 2014

Post State of the Union points!

The president had a good State of the Union speech, anda good follow up week after it, and he deserves kudos for ignorning the nonsense and baiting of those in congress who decided to invite the Duck Dynatsy Cast members to the State of the Union Speech! One word: Classless!

If Syria doesnt keep to their word, then Obama should keep to his! Nothing conveys seriousness to tyrants likeBashir Al Assad like a few missles on the doorstep!!

Edward Snowdon a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, way to keep building creditabilty there Nobel Committee!!!( and yes Im being sarcastic)

Glad to see the issue of Joblessness becoming Finally of priority in America, and glad to hear the President talk about it like it is! DISCRIMINATION and the "screening out" of individuals has ,once again, contributed heavily to the high levels of unemployment, particularly among people of color, and that is something that the "job creators' need to be held to account for!!!

Simply put ,2014 is for the Democrats to lose! Its amazing to hear how they need to be on the defense! Havent you heard Dems, the best defense is a good offense!!! And with the republicans being the party of no on EVERYTHING over the past 5 years, to the level of shutting down the entire Government, how could you not take the fight to them?!!! If the Democrats fail to reclaim control of Capitol hill, it will because they simply didnt try hard enough!!!! because the door is wide open for them!!!

It is looking like Chris Christie may be Toast, and so are the republicans hopes for 2014!

And while the Republicans try, with smoke and mirrors to undermine the prospect of a Clinton bId in 2016, the sad fact is for them that the Former st lady, former Senator, and former Sec of State simply may have built too good of a record of SERVICE for them to stand against!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

State of the Union Points!!!

AS president Obama prepares to give his 6th State of the Union address I for one am hopeing that the theme and premise of this years speech is "WE CAN DO MORE" bvecuase it is unconcionable in America that for the last 5 years while America has been in recession, and unemployment crisis the only focus on capitol hill has been on politics as usual!!!!!! President Obama came into office on a platform of change but sadly ,for Most americans, nothing has! They are still poor , still looking for work or underemployed, still relying on whatever assistance a increasingly unwilling Congress provides an of course all the while wall street , the banks and the one percent continue to thrive at unprecendented levels! Simply put, the state of the Union is one of Shame, because it is shameful that while wall street and corporate america are enjoying the most profittable of times, the rest of America, families with children, are homeless, and in the food stamp program! It's shameful that while nations like China and India are booming, Americans are long term unemployed!!!  The State of the Union is a opportunity for President Obama to make the statement that in America WE CAN DO MORE, because simply put we need to!!! And I hope that Next week the president , when he addresses the nation, states that very thing!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Christie's water wings!!!

With the thin ice that is "Bridgegate" beginning to crack under him, I hope that Gov Chris Christie has his "water wings" ready, because clearly "bridgegate" has evolved into a sink or swim issue for the Gov of NJ and his future political ambitions. The feeding frenzy has begun, and for Gov Christie, this issue will provide to the public whether he is a champion, or if he is simply political chum!!! But with blood clearly in the water, with the ice cracking, Gov Christie had better be ready, because he is about to hit the political drink when it comes to this "bridgegate" issue!!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hillary and 2016.Destiny deferred?

Time ,in recognition of the Juggernaut like status of Hillary Clinton on the political landscape, has, with its latest cover story, posed what has been a continual question on the minds of political pundits, experts, and voters. Can Hillary be elected president in 2016? Well , looking at the FACTS, I can say that ,for Hillary Clinton, her ascendance to the the presidency has been merely deferred, but definately not denied! For she has , by her own personal aplomb   and status ,elevated herself to the level we now find her. She took the role of   First Lady and elevated it to levels unseen since Eleanor  Roosevelt, and she nearly ,single handedly, elevated the profile of women in elected service in America with her stellar representation of the State of NY as a Junior senator from same! And had it not been for Barrack Obama catching lightning in a bottle  with his own historic Presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton would have no doubt made history, and realized the destiny that continues to beckon her, the presidency of the United States! But anyone who thinks or believes that Hillary is fluttering in the winds of destiny like a candle or a reed, is sadly underestimating the woman!This is a woman who has stared destiny directly in the eye, and who has not flinched or blinked!  This is a woman, who from the day she arrived in washingston, has not been afraid to do more and be more! Hillary Clinton has proven in word, deed, and action that she can be president of the United States. Hillary Clinton has become a figure of destiny, a destiny that she is no doubt ready for, and a destiny that in 2016, will more than likely be realized! For Hillary, 2016 is merely the end to a destiny deferred, and to answer the question posed by Time Magazine, who can stand in the way of Destiny?

Friday, January 17, 2014

MLK Day, Buisness as usual??????

AS all honor and praise that is due is about to be given this monday to the Man who changed America, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. a man who fought and died to make America live up to the potential and ideals that it was formed, We all need to focus on and reflect upon how, for far too many in America, MLK day is simply another day to conduct Buisness as usual! Do you know how many Buisnesses remain open on MLK day? Hell, even the State of Arizona still refuses to accept or honor this federal holiday!!! For far too many, MLK day and what it truly represents, what it truly memorializes, the worst of American history and a man and his peoples struggle against same, has become not that serious, a simple footnote, something that is endured yearly, and worst of all, simply a day off!!! As we prepare to honor and memorialize Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle he lead in America against the evils of same,America ,all america needs to understand that this is not buisness as usual, and it should in no way be treated or regarded as buisness as usual or simply another day off! Because that diminishes all that DR King stood for, and all that he fought for, and most importantly, all that he died for!!!! When we take the time to honor and memorialize DR.Martin Luther King, it is to remind this nation of from whence we came, and that is to better insure that we get to where we need to go, that "promised land" that DR King spoke of so elequently. But when we reduce his day, in significance and in action, to simply Buisness as usual and another day off, we dishornor the man, and the cause, and the struggle! And we show those who have and still stand against all that Dr King stood for, that we have relaxed in our vigilance and resolve. DR MLK day, for me, will NEVER be Buisness as usual or just simply another day off, and it should never for be for you My fellow americans!!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christies Whitewater moment!

It was a low point in American political history, when a political witch hunt and investigation was egged on by those with political interest(republicans) against the Clintons over their supposed inappropiate involvement with the "Whitewater" land deal!  It was a investigation that lasted for years and streched and morphed into all phases of the Clintons lives! To make a long story short, we how that turned out! Millions of dollars and a impeachment not over the original issue, but because there was a attempt to lkeep a illicit sexual tryst private!!! Now Gov Chris Christie is facing his own "Whitewater" moment! And as the media and political feeding frenzy mounts, and as the Gov finds himself in a unwanted spotlight at the most inopportune time, he can take heart, I would think ,from the lessons of the past and of Whitewater!  Because as the saying goes, those who do mot learn from the mistakes of the past!!!

Speaking of the Clintons As Hillary prepares , to the medias glee, to declare her political intentions, in 2016 , I can onyl wonder how long will the republicans continue to chew on the political cud that is Benghazi? There has been a congressional review and hearing over the issue, indeed Mrs Clinton herself came before Congress over the issue, so the only question that remains is when will the republicans let it go? How many years and counting?

And lastly, you have to marvel at the absolute hypocracy of the republican party as it pertains to this Christie matter, but their hypocracy aside, its even more amsuing to watch thm try to someohow link the issue to President Obama!!! Hilarious and sad at the same time!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Arrogant Points!!!

The faux outrage over the conduct by the understaff of  Gov Chris Christie being exhibited in the media in other places is why this problem continues to fester in America! The ABUSE of POWER and POSITION!!! And when it comes to that, sadly many people who should be in the loop are usually kept out of it!!! How many innocent men have died, or been incarcerated due to such conduct? Lost their jobs? Been discriminated against? The abuse of power and position is a cancer in this nation and when more individuals are summarily  FIRED for doing so, this culture will end! That said Its not what Christie didnt know, its what he did know and when it knew it! THAT is the question!!!!

People keep talking about the lukewarm job numbers and such, but the question remains when is Washington DC going to do something about it? Because while the 5 year and counting political war on all things Obama has been waged on Capitol Hill, NOTHING has been done or offered to stimulate Jobs and job growth in America!!!!

With all the focus on Universal pre K in NY gaining steam, you'd have to wonder why, with America lagging behind far too many nations when it comes to education, Washington Dc is talking up NATIONAL Pre K!!!???

As far as Iraq goes and other nations in the middle east, and their Issues, John Mccain and other Old school conservatives need to ask themselves a question: Are we the United States of America, or the United States of  THE WORLD?????!!!! is it in our national interest to be EVERYWHERE?????

And lastly as the republicans keep hoping that somehow Obamacare will bring them to the promised land of political majority Id like to present you with a few doses of Hard reality: President Cruz, President Rubio, President Paul, President Ryan, or President BUSH III
see the pickle you guys are in?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unemployed Points!!!

The middle east is a quagmire and it is in the USA's best interest to STOP wading into it!!!!!

and Jay Carney is right, let John Mccain and the rest come to the American people, to all those who lost family, life and limb in Iraq and explain how its in their best interest to send their children back there! Stand down soldier, stand down!!

When will the House republicans stop playing politics with the fortunes of the american people? Lets take care of the present in America , before we start grandstanding about the future shall we! Pass the Unemployment Benefits extension. And to those Like Speaker Boehner who want to wrangle and bargin ON CAPITOL HILL about it, why dont you come before the people, in front of the millions of unemployed and underemployed and explain to them about the defict of the future and how that is more important than their(the current unemployed and underemployed) now!! Have one capitol hill hearing Speaker Boehner I double dog dare you!!!

When Dennis Rodman is even considered for, or worse, considers himself for  serious diplomatic efforts, then Houston ,we have a problem!!!

And lastly Rand Paul, its a new age, a age of technology and social media revolutions, your simple 1950 sensibilties dont apply!!!The genie was let out of the bottle by your fellow republicans after their failure to protect America from suffering 9/11/01, And not even your pathetic political ambitions can put it back now!!! Its a new world, LEARN TO LIVE IN IT!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Inequity points

With schools, employment,social services and the rest failing, and with Banks and Wall St. having unprescedented success, dont you think that there is a problem with the system?

With Unemployment continuing to hover around 7%, dont you think that we need to roll back the myriad of tax credits and tax breaks that were given the"Job Creators" Back during the Bush administration? Or does that not count as "Gov Waste"?

And Speaking of Unemployment, can anyone name a employment program created by this congress to address the near emergency situation that has remained in America regarding Unemployment under its( Congress) watch?

Also, rolling back those tax breaks and such from the failed Job creators can serve to Fund the Unemployment extenstion that congress is going to fight tooth and nail about next week!

 And lastly when you have CEO's and buisnessmen who are worth more than the GDP of small countries, or who are more solvent than states or cities ,then your system clearly has a problem!