Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And your Point is---?

Hilarious: The republican Leadership steps forward and offers nothing on leadership but Repeal Obamacare? Nothing on economics or employment, nothing on education, nothing to address ANY american issues BUT Obamacare!!! Leadership or Politics?

Nice to hear Gov Chris Christie echoing what ive been expressing!  WE just had a election and instead of conducting the buisness of the Nation, we are ALL caught up in the jockeying for position for the next election!!! But watch it Gov. Republicans dont like it when you make sense!

Wouldnt it be nice if Obamacare was allowed to get off the ground before we criticize if it will fly or not?

Sometimes Fox News is like a dark cloud with its perpetual gloom and political doom(hot anchors aside)

Bitcoins are the Euros of the future!

America is to be Lauded for its Humanitarian response to the disaster in the Phillipines, but will it be?

and lastly:Rape is rape and just because it may be committed by someone in a military uniform doesnt make it any less of a crime!!! It is to the dishonor of the US military that this remains a issue!!!

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