Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Points of Order!

And to think that less than a month ago, the republicans were striving to remain relevant and now, emboldened by the Obamacare Morass, they are once again talking about reclaiming the House and Senate!!! But once the smoke clears and we are finally able to move from this Obamacare Website debacle, A hard reality will set in for the Republican Party!

Speaking of Hard reality can the 47 percent , as so famously indentified by Mitt Romney even imagine life under the rule of a republican led congress?

How long will we be expected to prop up the Karzi Gov in Afghanistan? its long overdue time to Bring our boys(and Girls) home!!!

Trayvon Martin deserves a medal of freedom.

What's the difference between Ted Cruz and Rob Ford? Someone should have checked Cruz for crack before he shut the Gov. down!

And lastly, Mitch Mcconnell is showing his true colors, like all republicans emboldened by the Obamacare web site issue, "resist" lessening the sequester? Seriously Mitch? sound like that old headline Ford to NY drop dead!!! Thats what the republicans continue to say to the Millions of unemployed and underemployed in America!!!!Americans who are bgeing and will be negatively affected by the cuts and tightening that will come from the continuance of the "sequester"

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