Saturday, November 16, 2013

weekend talking points!!!!

Now that the democrats have effectively shot themselves in the foot with the Obamacare issue, they must do what must be done to limp away from this public relations debacle!!! And what must be done,ESPECIALLY ON THE SUNDAY TALK SHOWS, is to to engage the republican political narrative!!! A standard is being set here with Obama care, a standard that many plans arent meeting, and the issue should be with those plans!  THAT is the point that the democrats must now make, and hope that it can take away from the political focus on the president statement about keeping plans!!!!

And speaking of same, it is ludicrious to see people who wouldnt accept substandard health care, eat substandard food ,or use substandard goods raising all this cain, spurred by the republicans, over SUBSTANDARD health care!!!

Do you get the feeling that the republicans emboldened by this obamacare misstep will now have the confidence,ONCE again, to try to shutdown the Gov.? How many rebellious repubs would stand with Ted Cruz again if he decides, seeing the current Obamacare morass, to give it another go?

How amazing is it that for the last five years, not one economic plan has been put forward by congress to address the sputtering economy, or the millions of unemployed, but they can SWIFTLY craft and pass a bill designed to undermine the Affordable Care act!!!!?????

Impeach Atty Gen. Holder? Please Republicans, anything to make this Obamacare mess go away!!!! And thats exactly what such a overt republican political move like that would do! So please republicans, do us all a favor in the Democratic par,ty Impeach Atty Gen. Holder!!!:)

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