Monday, November 25, 2013

Diplomatic Points!!!

Love how the republican reaction to Obama's diplomatric breakthru was to blame it(like everything else) on OBAMACARE! The republicans must  come to grips with the fact that the show, that show being the buisness of the nation, must go on!!! Cant be all about politics!!!

AS far as the Iran Issue goes, while Israel and others have every right to be concerned, I offer this bit of sage wisdom: do unto others----!

And does anyone, even Iran believe that they will EVER be allowed to have Nuclear arms?

China has issues with Japan, Japan has issues with Korea, Korea has issues with Korea, Austrailia has issues with Indonesia, indonesia has issues with the phillipines and so on and so forth! What the hell is up with Asia?

A damn shame that Immigration reform only gets major attention when people are running for office! America is a nation of Immigrants lets pass immigration reform!! Everyne deserves a shot at the American dream!

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