Monday, November 18, 2013

Political Points!!!

All you have to do is examine the standing of American education world wide, and the graduation rates nationally to see that there is a point to be heard regarding Common Core in American education!!1 Its a tough competitive world and we need to, in America, get going, not whine and cry to lower  the bar because its "Too Difficult"!

When someone doesnt have a leg to stand up, why would you even try to give them solid ground/ As 2014 approaches, the Republican party had virually NOTHING to stand upon, until of course the Obamacare debacle and if you think they arent going to try to build upon this "opening" then I have a certain Bridge in Brooklyn for sale that  you might be interested in!! NOONE in political circles should discount how serious and important 2014 is about to become!!!

Rush Limbaugh is still a BIG FAT IDIOT!

For Over 5 years the rollout of Obamacare has been contested By the republicans all the way up to the supreme court, but youre telling me they are absolved of any blame regarding the slow rollout!?

How many tornados wre confirmed yesterday? But yet Climate change is only a myth right?

So there are 39 Democratic Rats in the House of representitives eh? Ready to jump ship at the first sign of Political trouble? It will take men (and women) of courage to wage the fight for control in 2014, and that is a bad sign for the Dems1 Time to get the troops in line, Mrs Pelosi and Mrs Wasserman Schultz!!!!

And lastly: The lesson of the Delasio election in NY is something that the democrats can expand on NATIONWIDE! the people are tired of republicanism, the democrats simply have focus on and capitalize on that spirit!!!!

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