Monday, November 11, 2013

Bullet Points!!!

 Every time the republican party torpedos itself IE: The sequester, the war on women, the Gov shutdown, the Obama administration finds some way to throw them a lifeline! IE: fast and furious, Benghazi, and now the Obama care rollout! And as 2014 approaches and with the opportunity for the Democrats to remove the obstacle that the republican party has been for all of the 5 years of the Obama administration being clearly seen, its time for the Obama administration and the democrats to stop with the lifelines, and the allowance of same, and start with the serious BULLET POINTS to be driven home to the American voter in 2014!!!!

for instance: what party has put forth a job plan, a education plan, a health plan, and a deficit reduction plan in the last 5 years? Hint, its not the republicans!!!!

As we reflect  upon the service of veterans in and for America, it is insulting that Americans, lead by republican media, continually disparge the service of President Obama! How about a little respect for the office of the president people?

As we watch in horror and in relative safety here in America, the plight of the phillipines, I wonder what will it take for the naysayers of Global warming to realize that it has evolved into a Major issue?!!! A COUNTRY TO BE WASHED AWAY????!!!!!

Let us use this tragedy in the phillipines to put the focus on global warming that it should have, because what is the phillipines today could easily be NEW YORK tomorrow!!!!

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