Thursday, November 14, 2013

Salient points!

When will President Obama learn the value of fire and brimstone at the BULLY pulpit? its called the BULLY pulpit for a reason!!! i was almost painful to watch the president squirm at his press conferance this afternoon! it is not offensive to go on the offensive Mr. president and the only way you are going to change this negative narrative that the republicans have charged the politial ether with is by doing so!!!

And regarding that republican narrative, it is VERY imprtant to understand that it is no longer simply about President Obama!! It is about the future and the direction of this nation and the politics and policies that will shape it!! and for Millions of Americans the narrative that the republicans have espoused is simply not a viable option!!!!

Do you realize that if the republicans were in charge we'd have the following: A destroyed economy, without a auto industry, a banking industry, a double digit unemployment rate, we'd still be in Iraq, Osama bin Laden would still be alive, millions of families would be off of social services and left to starve, and unemployment benefits would be cut off , women would not be in control of their own bodies and gays would not be able to exercize their civil rights. THAT is just a few things to think about as we head towards 2014!

And lastly can anyone in america not truly realize that its not about the Affordable care act, its about politics as usual????

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