Friday, November 8, 2013

Talking Points!!!

A  Few Talking Points:

If Ken Cuchinelli stated, for the record, that His election would be a referendum on "Obamacare" and he lost, doesnt that mean that he was wrong and that   there is ,in fact, support for Obamacare? No silver lining in that cloud despite all the media attempts to spin one!
Despite all of the Media selling of Chris Christie as the Next "Big" thing( and no pun or insult intended Gov.) in republican politics, There is one thing President Obama can learn from The man from NJ,  and that is his willingness to tell it like it is, UNFILTERED!!! Can you imagine Chris Christie explaining to people like Ted Cruz and others about How Obamacare is a historic program, the like of which has never been in existance, and that a few bugs are to be expected, and that it will take time? In the words of the Gov, "what are you, some kind of IDIOT?!!" It is that type of attitude that is needed from the Obama  administration to quell this political feeding frenzy over the slow rollout of this historic program, and it would do the president  well to bring some of the Christie "Flavor" to the debate!!

CBS was wrong about Benghazi? Somehow I dont think it matters to the republicans! They fully intend to chew on it as a issue until 2016, hoping to use it against Hillary!!!

There are nearly 5 million long termed unemployed people in America, is anyone in congress going to try to do something about it?

And lastly : Im sorry, but people actually having to give up substandard plans because they dont meet the New Obamacare standard is not at the level of Nixon/Watergate Reagan/Iran-Contra or Clinton and the fat chick!:) its is what it is:People having to give up substandard plans in order to meet a new federal standard, as Chris Christie might say: "what are you some kind of IDIOT?"

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