Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Obama re-election one year later:Pretending like it never happened!!!

It was a little over a year ago, when the American people, in UNISON, sent a message to the republican party, a message that they reject the politics of division, of the status quo, of the past and that they wanted to MOVE FORWARD into the future!! But now here we are, one year later, and the republicans have essentially taken the political posture of pretending like election 2012 never happened! The republicans are still acting and pursuing a political agenda like 2013 is a election year!  And while the republican party remains in perpetual election mode, what is happeneing to the buisness of the country? The answer is simple, the buisness of the country is not being conducted!!! Politics is, has been, and seems to be of Priority for the republican party! And the same political agenda that was soundly rejected in 2012 by america has been picked right back up by the republican party, and by the same people who had candidacies in 2012 that failed! People like Michelle Bachman , or by those too cowardly to run for office but are content to snipe on the sidelines like Sarah Palin!!! What part of the election of 2012 did the republican party not understand? The american people said no to Bachman, Palin, Mcconnell, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Paul, Rubio, and all the rest! They said no to Darrell Issa and all the congressional hearings, they said no to the Tea party and their assorted madness! They said no to Fast and  Furious   , Benghazi, and all the other scandals they tried to concoct! They said no to sequesters, shutdowns and debt ceilings! They said no to intolerance,bigotry, and racism as public policy!!! But rather than Getting the point( yes shameless plug) the republican party  , rather than listening to the vote and voice of the american people .decided to act like the election of 2012 never happened! Which has gotten us to where are now in America! America wants to move forward thats what they voted for in unison in 2012, but we as a nation will never be able to as long as the republican party keeps this nation hostage to their never ending campaign cycle!!! Simply put, pretending like it never happened doesnt change the fact that it actually did! There  was a election, you lost! GET OVER IT AND GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!

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