Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Obama Points!

They say President Obama has the lowest poll numbers of his presidency? I say what would raise them? Certainly doesnt seem to be successes!!!

Another day , another heckler for the President, my question is when is the last public event that has been held by Speaker Boehner or his ilk?

Youd think that with such things as TIMELINE being primary in public conciousness, people wold actually use one when addressing such things as whos responsible for what in America!!!

So the Supreme Court is ONCE again, looking at a aspect of the AAC(Affordable Care Act) Doesnt the highest court in the land have more important things to do?

And lastly now that the flibuster has been essentially eliminated as a tactic to be used against the president, what will the republican party to to continue the POLITICAL debate in america?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Diplomatic Points!!!

Love how the republican reaction to Obama's diplomatric breakthru was to blame it(like everything else) on OBAMACARE! The republicans must  come to grips with the fact that the show, that show being the buisness of the nation, must go on!!! Cant be all about politics!!!

AS far as the Iran Issue goes, while Israel and others have every right to be concerned, I offer this bit of sage wisdom: do unto others----!

And does anyone, even Iran believe that they will EVER be allowed to have Nuclear arms?

China has issues with Japan, Japan has issues with Korea, Korea has issues with Korea, Austrailia has issues with Indonesia, indonesia has issues with the phillipines and so on and so forth! What the hell is up with Asia?

A damn shame that Immigration reform only gets major attention when people are running for office! America is a nation of Immigrants lets pass immigration reform!! Everyne deserves a shot at the American dream!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Obama re-election one year later:Pretending like it never happened!!!

It was a little over a year ago, when the American people, in UNISON, sent a message to the republican party, a message that they reject the politics of division, of the status quo, of the past and that they wanted to MOVE FORWARD into the future!! But now here we are, one year later, and the republicans have essentially taken the political posture of pretending like election 2012 never happened! The republicans are still acting and pursuing a political agenda like 2013 is a election year!  And while the republican party remains in perpetual election mode, what is happeneing to the buisness of the country? The answer is simple, the buisness of the country is not being conducted!!! Politics is, has been, and seems to be of Priority for the republican party! And the same political agenda that was soundly rejected in 2012 by america has been picked right back up by the republican party, and by the same people who had candidacies in 2012 that failed! People like Michelle Bachman , or by those too cowardly to run for office but are content to snipe on the sidelines like Sarah Palin!!! What part of the election of 2012 did the republican party not understand? The american people said no to Bachman, Palin, Mcconnell, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Paul, Rubio, and all the rest! They said no to Darrell Issa and all the congressional hearings, they said no to the Tea party and their assorted madness! They said no to Fast and  Furious   , Benghazi, and all the other scandals they tried to concoct! They said no to sequesters, shutdowns and debt ceilings! They said no to intolerance,bigotry, and racism as public policy!!! But rather than Getting the point( yes shameless plug) the republican party  , rather than listening to the vote and voice of the american people .decided to act like the election of 2012 never happened! Which has gotten us to where are now in America! America wants to move forward thats what they voted for in unison in 2012, but we as a nation will never be able to as long as the republican party keeps this nation hostage to their never ending campaign cycle!!! Simply put, pretending like it never happened doesnt change the fact that it actually did! There  was a election, you lost! GET OVER IT AND GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Points of Order!

And to think that less than a month ago, the republicans were striving to remain relevant and now, emboldened by the Obamacare Morass, they are once again talking about reclaiming the House and Senate!!! But once the smoke clears and we are finally able to move from this Obamacare Website debacle, A hard reality will set in for the Republican Party!

Speaking of Hard reality can the 47 percent , as so famously indentified by Mitt Romney even imagine life under the rule of a republican led congress?

How long will we be expected to prop up the Karzi Gov in Afghanistan? its long overdue time to Bring our boys(and Girls) home!!!

Trayvon Martin deserves a medal of freedom.

What's the difference between Ted Cruz and Rob Ford? Someone should have checked Cruz for crack before he shut the Gov. down!

And lastly, Mitch Mcconnell is showing his true colors, like all republicans emboldened by the Obamacare web site issue, "resist" lessening the sequester? Seriously Mitch? sound like that old headline Ford to NY drop dead!!! Thats what the republicans continue to say to the Millions of unemployed and underemployed in America!!!!Americans who are bgeing and will be negatively affected by the cuts and tightening that will come from the continuance of the "sequester"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And your Point is---?

Hilarious: The republican Leadership steps forward and offers nothing on leadership but Repeal Obamacare? Nothing on economics or employment, nothing on education, nothing to address ANY american issues BUT Obamacare!!! Leadership or Politics?

Nice to hear Gov Chris Christie echoing what ive been expressing!  WE just had a election and instead of conducting the buisness of the Nation, we are ALL caught up in the jockeying for position for the next election!!! But watch it Gov. Republicans dont like it when you make sense!

Wouldnt it be nice if Obamacare was allowed to get off the ground before we criticize if it will fly or not?

Sometimes Fox News is like a dark cloud with its perpetual gloom and political doom(hot anchors aside)

Bitcoins are the Euros of the future!

America is to be Lauded for its Humanitarian response to the disaster in the Phillipines, but will it be?

and lastly:Rape is rape and just because it may be committed by someone in a military uniform doesnt make it any less of a crime!!! It is to the dishonor of the US military that this remains a issue!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Political Points!!!

All you have to do is examine the standing of American education world wide, and the graduation rates nationally to see that there is a point to be heard regarding Common Core in American education!!1 Its a tough competitive world and we need to, in America, get going, not whine and cry to lower  the bar because its "Too Difficult"!

When someone doesnt have a leg to stand up, why would you even try to give them solid ground/ As 2014 approaches, the Republican party had virually NOTHING to stand upon, until of course the Obamacare debacle and if you think they arent going to try to build upon this "opening" then I have a certain Bridge in Brooklyn for sale that  you might be interested in!! NOONE in political circles should discount how serious and important 2014 is about to become!!!

Rush Limbaugh is still a BIG FAT IDIOT!

For Over 5 years the rollout of Obamacare has been contested By the republicans all the way up to the supreme court, but youre telling me they are absolved of any blame regarding the slow rollout!?

How many tornados wre confirmed yesterday? But yet Climate change is only a myth right?

So there are 39 Democratic Rats in the House of representitives eh? Ready to jump ship at the first sign of Political trouble? It will take men (and women) of courage to wage the fight for control in 2014, and that is a bad sign for the Dems1 Time to get the troops in line, Mrs Pelosi and Mrs Wasserman Schultz!!!!

And lastly: The lesson of the Delasio election in NY is something that the democrats can expand on NATIONWIDE! the people are tired of republicanism, the democrats simply have focus on and capitalize on that spirit!!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

weekend talking points!!!!

Now that the democrats have effectively shot themselves in the foot with the Obamacare issue, they must do what must be done to limp away from this public relations debacle!!! And what must be done,ESPECIALLY ON THE SUNDAY TALK SHOWS, is to to engage the republican political narrative!!! A standard is being set here with Obama care, a standard that many plans arent meeting, and the issue should be with those plans!  THAT is the point that the democrats must now make, and hope that it can take away from the political focus on the president statement about keeping plans!!!!

And speaking of same, it is ludicrious to see people who wouldnt accept substandard health care, eat substandard food ,or use substandard goods raising all this cain, spurred by the republicans, over SUBSTANDARD health care!!!

Do you get the feeling that the republicans emboldened by this obamacare misstep will now have the confidence,ONCE again, to try to shutdown the Gov.? How many rebellious repubs would stand with Ted Cruz again if he decides, seeing the current Obamacare morass, to give it another go?

How amazing is it that for the last five years, not one economic plan has been put forward by congress to address the sputtering economy, or the millions of unemployed, but they can SWIFTLY craft and pass a bill designed to undermine the Affordable Care act!!!!?????

Impeach Atty Gen. Holder? Please Republicans, anything to make this Obamacare mess go away!!!! And thats exactly what such a overt republican political move like that would do! So please republicans, do us all a favor in the Democratic par,ty Impeach Atty Gen. Holder!!!:)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Salient points!

When will President Obama learn the value of fire and brimstone at the BULLY pulpit? its called the BULLY pulpit for a reason!!! i was almost painful to watch the president squirm at his press conferance this afternoon! it is not offensive to go on the offensive Mr. president and the only way you are going to change this negative narrative that the republicans have charged the politial ether with is by doing so!!!

And regarding that republican narrative, it is VERY imprtant to understand that it is no longer simply about President Obama!! It is about the future and the direction of this nation and the politics and policies that will shape it!! and for Millions of Americans the narrative that the republicans have espoused is simply not a viable option!!!!

Do you realize that if the republicans were in charge we'd have the following: A destroyed economy, without a auto industry, a banking industry, a double digit unemployment rate, we'd still be in Iraq, Osama bin Laden would still be alive, millions of families would be off of social services and left to starve, and unemployment benefits would be cut off , women would not be in control of their own bodies and gays would not be able to exercize their civil rights. THAT is just a few things to think about as we head towards 2014!

And lastly can anyone in america not truly realize that its not about the Affordable care act, its about politics as usual????

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breaking Points!!!

 If the election is made soley about Obamacare then it will be a problem for the democrats, but if the election is made about the TOTAL PACKAGE of issues facing America, and the republicans role in creating those issues, then the republicans will finally tumble in a political abyss of their own making!!!

With Former President Clinton coming forward about Obamacare, and with it becoming a issue of political concern it is time that the Democrats get their ducks in a row so to speak! with 2014 looming, and with it directly going to lead into 2016, the democrats cannot afford a split message, as the reupublicans have!!! One party, one goal Democrats!!!!

Where are the conservatives on the commericalization of Thanksgiving?! Because once Turkey day is fully commericalized, Christmas is most definately next!!!! As was once asked of Mccarthy and should now be asked of corporate America: Have you no decency?

You wanna hear a funny joke? Scott Walker, the Gov of Wisconsin was mentioned as a presidential contender in 2016!  Stop it, youre killing me!!!!

and Lastly with Hillary Clinton looking Tsunade strong heading into the next presidential election I simply pity the fool who has to run again her!!!! She will be the next hokage!:)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bullet Points!!!

 Every time the republican party torpedos itself IE: The sequester, the war on women, the Gov shutdown, the Obama administration finds some way to throw them a lifeline! IE: fast and furious, Benghazi, and now the Obama care rollout! And as 2014 approaches and with the opportunity for the Democrats to remove the obstacle that the republican party has been for all of the 5 years of the Obama administration being clearly seen, its time for the Obama administration and the democrats to stop with the lifelines, and the allowance of same, and start with the serious BULLET POINTS to be driven home to the American voter in 2014!!!!

for instance: what party has put forth a job plan, a education plan, a health plan, and a deficit reduction plan in the last 5 years? Hint, its not the republicans!!!!

As we reflect  upon the service of veterans in and for America, it is insulting that Americans, lead by republican media, continually disparge the service of President Obama! How about a little respect for the office of the president people?

As we watch in horror and in relative safety here in America, the plight of the phillipines, I wonder what will it take for the naysayers of Global warming to realize that it has evolved into a Major issue?!!! A COUNTRY TO BE WASHED AWAY????!!!!!

Let us use this tragedy in the phillipines to put the focus on global warming that it should have, because what is the phillipines today could easily be NEW YORK tomorrow!!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Talking Points!!!

A  Few Talking Points:

If Ken Cuchinelli stated, for the record, that His election would be a referendum on "Obamacare" and he lost, doesnt that mean that he was wrong and that   there is ,in fact, support for Obamacare? No silver lining in that cloud despite all the media attempts to spin one!
Despite all of the Media selling of Chris Christie as the Next "Big" thing( and no pun or insult intended Gov.) in republican politics, There is one thing President Obama can learn from The man from NJ,  and that is his willingness to tell it like it is, UNFILTERED!!! Can you imagine Chris Christie explaining to people like Ted Cruz and others about How Obamacare is a historic program, the like of which has never been in existance, and that a few bugs are to be expected, and that it will take time? In the words of the Gov, "what are you, some kind of IDIOT?!!" It is that type of attitude that is needed from the Obama  administration to quell this political feeding frenzy over the slow rollout of this historic program, and it would do the president  well to bring some of the Christie "Flavor" to the debate!!

CBS was wrong about Benghazi? Somehow I dont think it matters to the republicans! They fully intend to chew on it as a issue until 2016, hoping to use it against Hillary!!!

There are nearly 5 million long termed unemployed people in America, is anyone in congress going to try to do something about it?

And lastly : Im sorry, but people actually having to give up substandard plans because they dont meet the New Obamacare standard is not at the level of Nixon/Watergate Reagan/Iran-Contra or Clinton and the fat chick!:) its is what it is:People having to give up substandard plans in order to meet a new federal standard, as Chris Christie might say: "what are you some kind of IDIOT?"

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Welcome to the POINT!!!

Hello folks and welcome to the POINT 1525! This will be the accompying Blog to my facebook political page Politics1295(which you can find at www.facebook.com/politics1295) On this page we will get to the point on the pressing national political issues of the day, free of the punditry and political Bs that you get from the network, mainstream media and other bloggers!!! So again Welcome to the POINT1525! And I hope you get it regularly!!!:)

First issue up is Gov Chris Christie. While clearly he is the republican to beat in 2016, let us not lose sight of the fact that he is still a conservative republican!!!! As in cut social services, back guns lobbys, stand against gay rights and national health care republican! He hasnt let all the republican craziness hang out ala Ted Cruz, but he is a Conservative republican nonetheless!
To be frank he is simply the prettiest dog at the moment in what is evovling into a UGLY dog contest!!!! So lets take a step back from all the punditry and rhetoric about How Chris Christie is a crossover threat!!!!

This is just a small taste of what the point is, and how you will get it!! so ENJOY!!!